Thanks for dropping by. The Pinner is a privately owned multi-dwelling home located downtown Nelson, BC. It’s surrounded by a charming downtown heritage home neighbourhood. Every house on Silica Street is nearing 100 years old. It seems this patch of land was passed over and was never built on.

In 2012 the lot was purchased and planning begun. Building rules changed a lot over the last 100 years which made the design process a real challenge. Modern rules state all structures must be set back 5 feet from the property line. This only leaves 15 feet of remaining space to build after 5 feet is subtracted from each side of a 25′ lot! This is why nobody ever developed the property over the last 100 years.

After over a year of begging Nelson’s City Council to let us bend the setback rules they gave us the okay to break ground in the winter of 2013. Small pushes to completion have slowly shaped The Pinner into what it is today.

The Pinner is comprised of a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom residence upstairs and a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom suite in the basement.


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